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ERx & Healthcare Executives

Selecting The Right Clinical Staffing Partner Doesn't Have To Be Difficult

The right clinical partner will reduce cost, improve patients throughput, increase efficiency, reduce overall malpractice rates, and improve hospital metrics.

Since 1984, our clinicians have been providing medical services to geographic areas all over the country.

Clinical Staffing Areas

We proudly specialize in providing service to rural communities and other underserved areas. We offer customized contracted services, including full-time or part-time, and can be staffed with either physicians or APPs. We are dedicated to compassionate care for every patient and efficient service to every hospital. It is evidenced by our outstanding patient satisfaction rates, long-lasting partnerships, and the loyalty of our medical clinicians.

Emergency Medicine

ERx Clinical Partners has been a trusted partner in managing emergency departments since 1984. Our commitment extends to both rural communities and urban areas, where we provide customized contracted services. These services can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each hospital, whether it’s full-time or part-time staffing. Our team includes both physicians and Advanced Practice Providers (APPs).


A robust hospital medicine program that collaborates closely with the Emergency Department (ED) is indeed crucial. You can experience better ED and Inpatient provider collaboration which in turn contributes to better patient outcomes, efficient care, and reduced stress on medical staff.

Urgent Care

Urgent care and clinic offices are a very important healthcare delivery option for most communities. ERx can help you staff and manage your Clinic or Urgent Care Center. From preventative care like routine physicals to the treatment of cuts, flu, and UTIs, urgent care and clinic locations across the country offer comprehensive services close to the homes within a community.

Our Service Lines

Physician & APP Staffing Options

Physician & APP Staffing

Emergency Room


Hybrid ER / Inpatient


Urgent Care

Staffing Options

At ERx Clinical Partners, we offer a range of flexible coverage options to meet your hospital’s needs:

24/7 Coverage

Our team can provide round-the-clock coverage for your hospital, ensuring continuous care for patients.

Permanant Placement

Looking for long-term staffing solutions? We can assist with permanent placement of qualified physicians or APPs. Our rigorous selection process ensures that you get the right professionals for your hospital.

Part-Time Coverage

If you require specific hours or days of coverage, we can tailor our services to provide part-time staffing. This option allows you to maintain consistent care while optimizing resource allocation.

Hybrid Models

We recognize the value of integrating both ER and Inpatient coverage. Often in Critical Access Hospitals had a unique patient load allows a provider to cover other areas, such as inpatients.

Our Process

Our journey to start is different. We include medical staff and admin staff in our assessment. We have a lot of wonders and do not have a one size fits all approach.

Healthcare Executives

Identify your needs, your current situation, your ideal state. We prefer an onsite, one on one conversation. We want to get a look at your facility so we can tell the story

Discuss our capabilities and ability to meet your needs

Define the economics of the contract including rate, fee for service, expenses. If appropriate, step into contractual agreement. We will have a complete checklist to define credentialing process, orientation process

Gear up recruiting. In our practice management sites, we will identify a Medical Director. Define a core group of physicians and APP’s that work with the staff and leadership. Our medical director will be an onsite leader

Follow up and measure or improvement and opportunity

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