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A Legacy of Care

The Heart of Our Mission

Our history is a testament to our unwavering dedication to enhancing patient care through superior staffing solutions.

Bob Devrnja

Our Journey: From One Man’s Vision to Nationwide Care

At the heart of ERx is a story that begins with the kind of dedication and down-to-earth values you’d expect from a Tennessee family man. Dr Bob, a physician, a pilot and son of a police officer, instilled a legacy of service and commitment into the very fabric of our organization—a thread that has woven through our history since 1984.

In those early days, our original iteration, EMSTAT, took flight, providing emergency medical medicine services that reached the heart of communities across the nation. As we grew, our horizons expanded in 2006 to include hospitalist services, enriching our clinical teams with a robust network of medical directors, nurse practitioners, and advanced practice clinicians. This evolution was more than just an expansion—it was a fulfillment of Dr. Bob’s vision where raising the standard of care and nurturing patient satisfaction became our guiding passion and practice.

ERx today stands as a beacon of high-quality, compassionate, and cost-effective care. Our providers—highly trained and unwaveringly dedicated—are not just medical professionals; they are custodians of Dr. Bob’s legacy. They serve with a motivation that transcends geographic boundaries, bringing specialized, attentive care to rural communities that form the backbone of America. From emergency medicine to telemedicine, our services have become synonymous with reliability and excellence.

Guiding our physicians, APP’s, and hospital leadership is a medical team of directors whose expertise and leadership ensure that the ERx name remains at the forefront of healthcare services. They work hand-in-hand to uphold the standards we’re known for, all while embracing the innovation and empathy that Dr. Bob’s story teaches us.

This is our story, a tale of unwavering commitment to healthcare, community, and the personal touch that makes all the difference. As we continue to grow and serve, we carry with us the essence of our beginnings — an ER physician, a pilot’s vision, a son of a cop’s determination, and a Tennessee family man’s warmth.

“The healthcare industry is filled with vendors, but what our organization needs is partners. This is even more critical when providing healthcare in a rural setting. ERx understands and specializes in rural medicine delivery. They are innovative, creative, and work with the same level of ownership that our employed staff do. When things are challenging, they are right alongside us working through it together.”

Shane A. McGuire, CEO
Columbia County Health System

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